AFM 5.0/5.8 Custom Cams

AFM Hi-Rev N-51hr

This Is Joe Koch's Mustang with a stock piston short block with the N-51hr camshaft, stg III Twisted Wedge heads w/hiRev springs, Holley Systemmax II intake, 70mm t.b., Velocity mass air & Power Pipe, PMS and Bassani 1 5/8-1 7/8 headers.

AFM Hi-Rev N-71 vs. Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 274HR

Anthony Dorsey recently brought his '89 Mustang convertible automatic in to be tuned.
The motor is a DSS 331 c.i.d. with Canfield stg III heads and TFS-R intake.

When his car first came in it only made 245 rwhp
with a Comp Cams Extreme Energy 274HR cam.
We then changed to a 80-mm race T.B., AFM Power Pipe with 80mm Pro-M MAF,
larger injectors and added a PMS and made 300 rwhp.

The last thing we changed was the cam to a AFM N-71 Hi-Rev and matching AFM Valve Springs.
The result was 317rwhp.




Hi-Rev Cams N-71 vs. N-91 vs. N-111
with TFS Track Heat Intake

Gains will be even bigger with Holley or Victor Intakes

DSS 331 with Vortech S-Trim, AFM/JDC Stg III Canfields
Ryan.007 Curve
AFM B-41 cam
Bassani 1-5/8" shorties
Ryan.012 Curve
AFM B-451 cam
AFM/Bassani big shorties
AFM Hi-Rev valve springs





High Volume Power Pipe AF-0112c
With AFM N-4 Cam