AFM Test Mule

Clinton, IL



Model Year: 2005Mustang GT
CID: 281
TB Intake: stock
Anderson Beta Power Pipe
Heads: AFM/JDC
Block: DSS
Cam Rockers: stock
MAF: Abaco DBX 85 using as blow through
Fuel Rails: CPR
Pump: GT-500
Fuel Type: 93 Shell
Injectors: 60 lb/hr
Headers: Kooks
Mid Pipes: Kooks
Exhaust: Ford Racing
Computer Control: Diablosport Predator
Ignition: stock
Transmission: stock
Clutch: AFM clutch and flywheel
Power Adder: Vortech T-trim with Paxton air-to-air intercooler and 20lb
Rear End: stock
Front Susp: stock
Rear Susp: stock
Other: Electric fan & water pump

Notes: This is our test mule and as of 11-25-08 has 746 dyno pulls on it testing and developing new products.