Don Huffman

Meridian, IN


Model Year: 1990 Mustang
Weight: 3200
CID: 302
TB Intake: Stock TB GT 40 intake
Heads: AFR 165
Block: Stock
Cam Rockers: Trick Flow Stage 1 Trick Flow Rockers 1.6
MAF: Stock
Fuel Rails: Stock
Pump: Holley Blue
Fuel Type: Pump
Injectors: Stock 19Lbs
Headers: Stock
Mid Pipes: Stock W/cats
Exhaust: Flowmaster 2 chamber
Computer: Anderson PMS
Ignition: Crane Cams 6AL
Transmission: Stock T-5
Clutch: Anderson Super King Cobra
Power Adder: None
Rear: 4.10 with spool and 31 splines
Front: stock
Rear Suspension: stock

ET: 14.00 Flat
60ft: 1.70

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