Greg Sterley

North Olmsted, OH




Make: Ford
Model Year: 1989 Mustang GT
Weight: 3450
CID: 302
TB Intake: BBK 65mm & TFS Street Heat
Heads: TFS Twisted Wedge
Block: Stock
Cam Rockers: F303, 1.6RR
MAF: C&L 76mm
Fuel Rails: stock
Pump: BBK 255lph
Fuel Type: Pump 93 oct
Injectors: FMS 24lb/hr
Headers: BBK 1 5/8
Mid Pipes: shorty h-pipe w/cats
Exhaust: flowmaster
Computer: PMS
Ignition: MSD 6AL
Transmission: Tremec TKO 500
Clutch: RAM Long Style
Power Adder: none yet. Want Hellion 66mm turbo
Rear End: 9 Inch Ford. Detroit Locker w/ Moser 35 spline axles and disc brakes. 4.11 gears
Front Susp: Stock K-member (soon to be replaced), Lakewood 70/30 struts.
Rear Susp: Southside Lowers with Edelbrock adjustable uppers.

Other: AFM UEGO 2000

Notes: PMS and UEGO 2000 are absolutely awesome. With them, I was able to dial the air/fuel ratio exactly to 12.5:1 without a dyno or a laptop. Being able to datalog with the UEGO is incredible, especially just after you make a run and watch it play back on your tach. I have no tuning experience, but i am a DIY person. Thanks AFM for making a product that is user friendly and easy to learn.

ET: 12.6 @108

60ft: 1.8 (street tires)

Dyno Results