Randy Seuss

Farmington, CT





Make: Ford
Model Year: 1987 Mustang coupe
Weight: 3050
CID: 352
TB Intake: Parker Funnelweb box stock w/Prosystems 780xc
Power Pipe: n/a
Heads: Canfeild 192cc 58cc chambers
Block: Dart Iron Eagle 8.2
Cam Rockers: AFM High Rev N-111,Comp Pro Magnums 1.6
MAF: n/a
Fuel Rails: n/a
Pump: Vortech T-Rex
Fuel Type: 93 Pump gas
Injectors: n/a
Headers: BBK Longtubes 1 3/4 w/ a 3in welded on collector
Mid Pipes: Old Renegade 3in x pipe
Exhaust: Dynomax 3in Bullets Dumped
Computer: n/a
Ignition: MSD 7AL-2
Transmission: Liberty Gears Faceplated TKO
Clutch: Ram Long Clutch w/ Fidanza Alum Flywheel
Power Adder: Nat.Asp. for now....plate kit sometime soon
Rear End: Ford 8.8 Welded w/FRPP 4.56's & a Detroit Locker
Moser 31pline axles w/c-clip elims.

Front Susp: Groundpounder Tubular K-Tubular arms & Coilovers, Afco 125x14 springs on Lakewood 90/10's,
Global west CC plates & UPR bumpsteer kit

Rear Susp: Baseline Susp. uppers, lowers & Anti roll bar, Stock v8 springs cut 1-1/4 coil Lakewood 50/50's

Other: Passes so far on 26x10's with no rear ballast
Notes: Miller Race Cars set the Car's Susp. up perfect.

ET: 11.07 @123
60ft: 1.51


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