811433 Accel Ignition Upgrade Kit for Early 3V Ford Coil-On-Plug (Black OE Boots)

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If you own a Ford car or truck with a early 3-valve modular engine (Black OE Boots) and want to get the most out of your ignition system then look no further!  Not only will you get up to 15% more energy out of the ACCEL coils over the stock ones, you'll transfer more of that energy through the spark plug with Accel's HP Copper Core Plugs which are included in the kit.  Accel's HP Copper Core spark plugs are better at delivering energy than platinum or iridium spark plugs and with their C-cut design they'll light your air / fuel mixture faster.

Kit includes:

HP Copper Core Spark Plugs (8-pack)

Accel COP SuperCoils (8-pack)

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