AEM Universal AQ-1 Data Logger

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  • AEM Universal AQ-1 Data Logger
  • AEM Universal AQ-1 Data Logger
  • AEM Universal AQ-1 Data Logger
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Notes:Wiring harness not included.

These AEM Electronics AQ-1 data loggers are designed for racers and performance enthusiasts of all types who want dynamic, accurate data logging capabilities. They record and store vehicle data so that it can be downloaded and analyzed. With logging rates of up to 1,000 samples/second per channel, they are one of the fastest data loggers on the market. They come with 2 GB of logging memory standard, feature an internal 3-axis accelerometer and a removable SD card, and allow you to add an NMEA GPS device. They include three switched to ground inputs for clutch, brake, and cooling fan ground switches, as well as a nitrous solenoid ground or ground switch to start and stop them.

The AEM Electronics AQ-1 data loggers can record:

* AEM gauges
* MAP/pressure sensors
* Shock travel
* Load cell sensors
* Analog and frequency MAF sensors
* Any 2-wire temperature sensor
* Any 3-wire pressure sensor
* Vehicle speed
* Fuel injector duty cycle
* Boost control solenoid
* Flow sensor
* HALL sensor
* Clutch pressure
* Brake pressure
* And much more!

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