Anderson F-53 Three Valve camshaft 2700-6800 Range

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Anderson F-53 Three Valve camshaft
RPM range 2700-6800 AFM valve spring & Phaser lock out needed

S/C 11-19 lb 4.6 Best performer up to 6800 rpm, rough idle, good driveabilty down to 2300 rpm, performance range 2700-6800 rpm. Must have Anderson Motorsport valve spring kit. & Cam Phaser Lockouts.  Works best with Power Pipe, headers and ported heads highly recommended. Gears 4.10 to 4.30. With automatic trans, needs 3200-3500 converter.Tested on
05 Mutang 5-speed: Anderson/Paxton Stage II S.C. kit, Vortech 8 rib pulley kit with 10%  over Innonators West damper & 2.50 S.C, pulley, DSS short block, Anderson Stage III heads & Hi-Rev valve springs,cams locked in, stock Intake & Throttle body, Kooks mid-length Headers with X-Pipe, Bassani after-axle exhaust,Ford Racing fuel pump, Mr. Freeze
Run .818 Stock Cams
Run .821 only change Anderson F-53 camshaft

               WOW! 63 RWHP gain
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