Anderson N-43 Three Valve Camshaft 2900-6600 Range

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Anderson N-43 Three Valve Camshaft
RPM range 2900-6600

4.6 Best performance up to 6600 rpm, lumpy idle, good driveabilty down to 2300, performance range
2900-6600 rpm. For best results use Anderson Hi-Rev valve springs with Cam Phaser Lockouts, but stock valve springs will work.
Works best with DBX-97B or Velocity mass air. Long tube headers and ported heads highly recommended.
Gears 4.10 to 4.56. With automatic trans, needs 3200-3500 converter.

 This is Dave Stauder's 2005 Mustang GT
 Run 25 with bolt on's
 Run 42 with Anderson N-43,Cam Phaser Lockouts, heads ported by Kris Starnes, tuned by HP Performance  

    Run 041  
Predator tuner,C & L Race Cold Air,off road x pipe.under drive pulleys, 4.10 gears.
    RUN 056   onlychange to Anderson N-43 camshaft

N-43 Cam Results
Run 027 -
07 GT Mustang with Anderson Power Pipe w/Velocity mass air, JBA shorty headers, Bassani X-Pipe with Bassani Race mufflers, Predator tuned By AFM's Danny Biggs.
Run 064 - same as above plus Anderson N-43 camshafts, Livernois Ported heads with cam phaser lock outs, Charge motion plates, BBK 62mm throttle Body, Steeda underdrives
Predator tuned By AFM's Danny Biggs.


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