Anderson-Vortech Stage IV Si-Trim Supercharger Kit. Fits 86-93 5.0L Mustang

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Anderson / Vortech Stage IV (Chiller) V-3 Si-Trim Kit Supercharger Kit for 86-93 Mustang 5.0 (self lubcricated)
• 3.12 Upper Pulley, 6.87 Lower Pulley (12lb-15lb @ 6000 rpm)
• AFM Power Pipe ®
All mandrel bent aluminum construction, is the highest flowing inlet pipe available for centrifugal superchargers. It also put the mass air in the inner fenderwell for a cooler intake charge.

All neccessary brackets and hardware for installation

Stage IV kit includes: Holley Terminator X ECU kit, 3 Bar MAP sensor for boosted application, 60lb EV1 Fuel Injectors, Stealth 340lph Fuel Pump and adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for stock fuel rails, MAF delete pipe, Air Filter and Mr. Freeze Water/Methanol Injection Kit.

For a solid base tune file click HERE

Known as the "Chiller" Supercharger Kit here at AFM. Instead of running a front mount intercooler or a bulky water cooler this kit contains the popular and simple Mr. Freeze Water/Methanol injection kit. The Terminator X ECU can adjust automatically to intake temperature so you can bump your timing to increase more horsepower with the addition of Mr. Freeze. The system also allows you to build a failsafe in the software so if the IAT's see higher temps it can automatically bump the timing back down. The Mr. Freeze compact and simple design makes this supercharger kit one of the best and most efficient kits available for your Fox Body. Also without adding the additional weight of a front mount intercooler or water cooler box.

Horsepower can exceed 500+ with this system depending on tune, the stock fuel rails and lines could possibly get maxed out. We recommend upgrading to our Level 1 Fuel System to support levels of up to 600+ rwhp



*Parts will ship in multiple packages due to size and weight

*Due to high demand of some parts listed in the kit, you may receive some items before others, call to confirm availability


Will need to modify MAP plug on Holley (green plug) Harness for new MAP sensor to fit or install included new MAP plug

(The plastic bosses for the new MAP sensor have a different orientation than the MAP harness plug, however comes with a new weatherpack plug your can install)

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