John Hartman

Carson City, NV

Name: john hartman
City State: carson city nv
Make: ford
Model Year: 88 mustang gt
Weight: 3400
CID: 342
TB Intake: 75mm performaer rpm II
Power Pipe
Heads: victor jr.
Block: stock with girdle
Cam Rockers: b41 with 1.7 rockers
MAF: prom 80mm
Fuel Rails: aeromotive
Pump: aeromotive
Fuel Type: pump with snow perf. alcohol kit
Injectors: holley 75lbs
Headers: bassani 1 3/4 1 7/8 step
Mid Pipes: bassani 3"x pipe
Exhaust: flowmaster
Computer: pms with interaq
Ignition: hyfire vii
Transmission: c-4
Clutch: 3600 stall
Power Adder: novi 2000
Rear: 8.8 with 3.73 gears and spool
Front: coil over conv. with tubular k member
Rear Suspension: upr upper and lowers with moroso springs
Notes: this time was run at a corrected altitude of 5800 ft.
ET: 10.33 @ 134mph
60ft: 1.45