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Anderson Ford of Clinton is one of the oldest Ford Dealerships in the US specializing in Mustang performance parts for fuel injection Ford vehicles. The Anderson family had over 20 years of racing experience in NHRA, IDBA, and Drag Bike organizations before they opened the Ford-Mercury dealership doors in 1988. Since opening the dealership in Clinton, IL, the Anderson families have raced in NHRA, NSCA, NMRA & Fun Ford Event/Heads-Up classes. They have also helped many of the top racers in those same organizations.

Anderson Ford Motorsport division was created in 1989 to support the growing demand of Mustang performance parts for the late model Mustangs. The Motorsport division has grown to be one of the largest Mustang Performance Centers in the Midwest and has a world-wide customer base and has established itself as “Illinois’ Number One Motorsport Dealership”. The dealership itself is owned and operated by Randy and Ann Anderson. Anderson Ford Motorsport has retained their premier reputation through product design and rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and that they “Really Work”!

Racing Ford vehicles was somewhat of a “given” for the Anderson Family. Designing, building and retailing unique Mustang performance parts for Ford vehicles was something that came about because of the demand for new ideas of the Ford Performance market. Starting in 1993, Anderson Ford Motorsport branched out and began producing their line of specialty parts for the Mustang performance market. The Andersons had witnessed gaps in the products being offered from other manufacturers and saw a need of filling this gap of Mustang performance parts. This is how the Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe®, Hi-Rev®Camshafts and Hi-Rev®Clutches were developed.

Anderson Ford Motorsport has also enjoyed working on many project vehicles over the years to learn what combinations of Mustang performance parts work together. These projects have saved consumers a lot of headaches and heartaches of trial and error on their own Mustangs. Many articles have been written on these projects and published in the national magazines, 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

You have peace of mind to know that every Anderson Ford Motorsport product is dyno tested and the horsepower is then proven at the track.

Here at Anderson Ford Motorsport you will find great product value and total customer support. We’ve built our reputation on it. We have customer testimonials to prove it. And you’ll find our horsepower claims are real. And track proven. You can feel it on the road and you can see it at the track. Reignite your love affair and give us a call.

Thank you for your business and don’t hesitate to call us at 1-217-935-2076 if you have any questions on our products or combination of products.

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