AFM 4.6/5.4 Intakes


Frankintank Intake for 4.6 2-Valve

I had a chance to work on our Frankintank 4.6 two valve intake manifold and make the changes internally that I wanted to.

The improvement that we made over the first test on the Frankintank and over the stock intake was great. We made more hp from 3500 rpm up.

Runs shown compare the stock intake with the Frakintank and are with 70mm Accufab throttle body and Dragon Plenum.

Note that when comparing the two graphs on this page that Project 2000 GT
was equipped with different rear gear ratios and different tires. These differences will
show a different HP reading on a rear-wheel chassis dyno.

Rick Anderson

Dragon Plenum for 4.6 2-Valve

The Dragon Plenum for the 4.6 two valve is the best we have tested.
It has a trick directional Vain that helps with torque and horsepower.
Runs a little bit more in price, but we think its worth it.