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Performance Braking Systems

Brake technology has improved tremendously over the years, especially compared to the Fox body braking systems that have their roots in the 1970s. The sub-11 inch discs, single piston calipers and small drum brakes were barely acceptable when the car was in production, and they're wholly inadequate on modern builds that push power well beyond stock levels. SN95 and later [...]

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Which Transmission is Right for Your Fox Body?

It's not hard to set up an engine that makes significantly more power than your Fox body was built with, and that puts a serious strain on the drivetrain. Fortunately, there are several transmission options that can handle the most radical builds from rebuilt stock units to complete aftermarket gearboxes. T5 This Borg Warner transmission was used [...]

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What to Look for When Buying a Fox Body

Looking to buy a Fox Body? Here's what you need to know from equipment to body styles as well as common problems to look for on these cars.  Model Year Differences The Fox Body Mustang reached showrooms in 1979 Powered by a 302, a 2.3 liter “Lima” engine with or without turbocharging, or a straight 6. The 5.0, [...]

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2.3 to 5.0 Swap: Fitting the V8 Your Car Deserves

The Fox body has been a staple of tuners and racers for decades, and that has led to a gradual increase in prices. This puts clean V8 models out of the range of budget builders, but base LX's with their 2.3 liter motors remain affordable. What does it take to get a V8 into one [...]

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Putting Together an Intake and Top End for the 5.0

Your engine uses air and fuel to make power, so the more air you can get into the engine, the more power you can make. However, using the biggest parts you can find for your top end (throttle body, manifold and cylinder heads) may hurt overall drivability. Here's what you need to consider when putting [...]

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​Using a 351W in your Fox Body Build

Want more power than your Fox body's 5.0l block can handle? Need to keep your build on a budget? Why not use the tried and true 351 Windsor? This truck motor has been a staple of the Mustang scene for years, making installation easy and inexpensive with the right parts.Why Use a 351W?The 351 Windsor [...]

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​From 5.0 to 5.0: Fitting a Coyote in your Fox Body Mustang

When the S197 Mustang reached dealers in 2011, there was one question on the minds of owners of older Mustangs: How can I put the new V8 in my car? It's taken a while, but after some trial and error, aftermarket parts companies have brought together the parts needed to fit the Coyote in the [...]

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​Stylistic Class: Modifying Your Mid-90's Mustang GT

History has cemented the legacy of the Ford Mustang as the world’s top pony car. Hearing the roar of a Stang is one thing, but seeing its handsome façade on the road is another. Its muscular style and undeniable class define its reputation as a pony car. Wherever you go, a Mustang stands out in a row of vehicles. [...]

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Setting Up an 8.8 Axle

The Ford 9 inch is legendary for its strength, but using this rear end can be expensive and is overkill for most builds. Fortunately, your Fox body probably came with an axle that can handle serious power with the right modifications: the 8.8. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of [...]

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​Getting Your Fox Body to Perform Better

Fox bodies benefit from the polyurethane bushings, shorter springs, and stiffer shocks that are used for every other performance build, but this platform also has some quirks that need to be dealt with. With the right modifications, your Mustang won't just handle better, it will be able to clock faster times at the drag strip. Subframe [...]

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