Terminator X Air Conditioning Help Tech Article 86-90 Models

Holley Terminator X Air Conditioning Tech Help 86-93 Mustang

Anderson Ford Motorsport Tech

Terminator X (AF-AFM-937F) Air Conditioning wire write up using factory wiring for 86-90 Mustang.

The following tech article refers to the Holley Terminator X and X Max for Fox Body Mustang air conditioning systems that are performed at the Anderson Ford Motorsport Installation Facility. We have essentially two versions with diagrams to view. The following information covers general steps and procedures done with the factory wiring that is incorporated into the Holley system. If your vehicle was not equipped with air conditioning from the factory some of these steps may be different. The following diagram can use all model years but confirmed used in an 87 Model (should be the same for 86-90 Fox Body Mustangs).


We now offer the Fathead Garage A/C Wiring Kit specifically for 86-93 Fox Body Mustangs for a brand new wiring solution. This removes the need for the factory air conditioning wiring.



For the Holley wires we use the preconfigured input/output wiring shown below.




Diagram 2

Credit: Paul S