Frequently Asked Questions:

The below questions are some of the most common we receive here at AFM. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have further questions. 

Main email: info@andersonfordmotorsport.com



0) What is the AFM camshaft firing order?

All Anderson SBF camshafts are the 302 HO/351W firing order


1) How do I degree my AFM Cam?

Degreeing your camshaft for SBF. The below card will reference how to degree your AFM SBF camshaft.

Degreeing your AFM cam will allow your engine to gain the most potential horsepower. Be sure to use a proper degree wheel kit.


2) What distributor gear should I run with my AFM SBF camshaft?

We recommend running Steel gears on all of our SBF camshafts.

3) Do I need to "break in" my camshaft after installation?

For cam swaps on used engines no, there is no specific break in procedure needed since our camshafts are Hydraulic Roller. If the cam is being used on a brand new engine build then use the engine builders recommended engine break in procedure.

4) Does AFM assist with PMS systems still?

The PMS system is no longer supported as of 2017. Click the link here for PMS tips and information. As of 2023 we do not have any remaining staff that knows or has experience on using this system. We do not have any service parts, manuals or replacement parts available anymore for this product.


5) I received a website error when placing an order online?

If you receive an error when trying to process an order on the website this means the fraud filters have most likely caught something in the transaction. It can be as simple as the billing and shipping addresses do not match, address information or name entered incorrectly, or credit card number was entered in incorrectly. DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON OR TRY AND PLACE THE ORDER AGAIN. Each time you try and place the order with an error you credit/debit card will be charged a pre-authorization. This is to confirm the credit card number entered was valid. We do not pull the funds, however they are put on a temporary hold and are usually released within 3-5 business days depending on your financial institution. We do not hold the funds on our end and cannot "release" funds as it is a declined transaction. Please call customer service if you receive an error on the website while placing an order.

6) Does Anderson Ford Motorsport still have a Tech Department?

We do our best to assist our customers in making the right decision for there build. AFM has offered many products over the years with some still being readily available. Service and tech may not be available to service some of the products that are no longer available (ex. PMS system). While we do not have an official tech department anymore, we have plenty of experience still with current available products along with current AFM products available on our website. 

7) Can I have AFM make me a custom grind camshaft for my application?

Due to the popularity of our current camshaft offerings we cannot offer grinds other than what is offered in our current catalog. We offer a good amount of different options that work in a lot of different combinations. Please give us a call to review our camshaft options that will work for your setup. 

Note* We only produce Hydraulic Roller camshafts for SBF.

8) If the website states "ship from the manufacturer" is the item in stock?

Due to manufacturing delays we can no longer guarantee "in stock" status for items drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. If you wish to purchase an item that does ship directly from one of our vendors and want to know the availability, please call or send us an email. We still allow you to purchase and place an order online for these items which guarantees your spot in line to recieve the item once they are available.

9) Does Anderson Ford Motorsport offer remote tuning?

We do not offer remote tuning at this time.

10) Do you offer waiting lists or call back lists for products that are not available or out of stock?

No, we allow you to place an order for any "out of stock", "back ordered" or "ships from manufacturer" item(s). This guarantees your place in line based on your ordered timestamp. We do not undersell or skip people in line for our products. We will not "hold" items for people if they are not ordered and paid for. This presents skin in the game for both the consumer and the retailer.

11) Will Anderson hold my order if some products are not "In stock" at the time but some of the products are available to ship?

We strive to work with the customer as much as possible and be flexible if necessary on shipping. We offer two solutions 1: We can ship whatever is in stock at the time of the order and ship the remaining product(s) when they become available. 2: We can pull all the available product(s) off the shelf and stage them for shipping until the remaining product(s) are available and ship everything all at once. If there is a preference please add this in the order comments.

12) I have to make a warranty claim, will Anderson Ford Motorsport handle the process for me?

This will depend on the situation. Some manufacturers prefer to handle all warranty claims/inquiries internally and not go through the retailer. For those cases the manufacturer will usually have this info on the paperwork or instructions with your product. If you are unsure of the situation please email us and we will confirm for you info@andersonfordmotorsport.com. This usually goes without being said, but if your kit or products were not purchased from Anderson Ford Motorsport we cannot assist with warranty, tech or service claims. If the items were ordered directly, AFM will assist as much as possible. Please note* most performance parts do not have a warranty.

13) Does Anderson Ford Motorsport service ABACO MAF systems?

No, this company is no longer in business and the software and service side is not available. There is no remaining staff that has any knowledge of these systems.

14) Do you offer any sponsorships?

If you are interested in representing AFM please email us your proposal to info@andersonfordmotorsport.com

15) I am a performance parts retailer, how do I become a dealer for AFM products?

If you are a performance parts retailer and wish to become a dealer for Anderson Ford Motorsport products, you must fill out an application for your business and supply us with a copy of your business license or tax ID. This only applies to specific AFM products. Please email Hirev1@anderson-ford.com to request a dealer application. Please note* AFM has a strict MAP policy and accounts must be compliant to be a dealer for AFM products.

16) Google says "In Stock" but your website says out of stock, which is true?

AFM has NO control over what google says. If google says "In Stock" but our website says "Out of Stock" that means we are "Out of Stock". Our website will always be more accurate. We strive to keep our website updated as much as possible. Always trust our website over google and call or email us to confirm if you unsure of a question about our website.