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A Brief History of Ford Racing

Fords are notorious for their speed and smooth ride -- and also for their history as the first mass produced vehicles available to the public. But Fords have a rich racing history, too. Ford racing began before Ford Motors even existed. Here you can explore the rich history of Ford racing: In 1896, Henry Ford reached [...]

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3 Best Mustang Upgrades

Ford Mustangs have withstood the tests of time because of their amazing capacity for speed, their smooth ride, and their sleek exterior. Indeed, under the hood, Mustang engine power ranges from 101 horsepower to 390 horsepower or more. The Mustang was introduced at the NY World's Fair on April 17, 1964 -- 22,000 of them [...]

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The Top 10 Tips You Need to Know About Anderson Power Kits

Want to add some performance for your Mustang, but you don't want to go through the headache of trying to figure out which combination of aftermarket parts will get the power you're looking for? That's why we sell power kits. What's so great about them?- We design our kits in-house.Through extensive testing, we've figured out [...]

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​Top 5 Mustang Mods to Start With

Just got a Mustang? Looking to get some more performance out of it right away? These modifications are simple to do, and their improvements can form the foundation of a complete build.Cold Air IntakeA cold air intake is designed to draw air away from the engine bay. Colder air is denser, which means more power, [...]

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Top 3 Tips for a More Powerful Engine

How do you get more power from your car's engine? When planning a build, there are three major areas to consider: adding oxygen, using that oxygen, and reducing parasitic losses.Got Oxygen?Your car's engine makes power by oxidizing hydrocarbons: the carbon and hydrogen in the fuel bond with oxygen, energy is released and the resulting explosion [...]

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​How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Increasing Horsepower

Let's be honest: the main reason most of us choose the Mustang is due to its low price and low budget potential. When you start modifying your car, making the right choices can keep you within your budget, and Anderson Ford Motorsport can help you reach your performance goals. Below are some tips for making [...]

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​2016 Mustang Performance Mods

The 6th generation Mustang may have hit the streets in 2015, but there are already plenty of ways to get more performance from your late model pony car, even if you just picked up your new Mustang from the dealer.Forced InductionIt will be a while before we learn how to modify the Coyote's internal components [...]

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​3 Mustang Upgrade Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend

Low weight, a big engine bay, rear wheel drive and shared components across several lines make the Mustang an excellent platform for building serious performance. With so many options, it's easy to get carried away with engine builds and custom suspension setups, but that doesn't mean all modifications require weeks of work. These three upgrades [...]

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​How to Choose the Best Exhaust System for Your Mustang

Between the exhaust ports to the bumper, there are a lot of parts that make up your Mustang's exhaust. To get the best performance, each piece has to be taken into consideration.When Bigger Isn't BetterWhen someone mentions exhaust modifications, the first word that comes to mind is usually "backpressure." However, the word that should come [...]

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​Mustang Suspension 101 - Don't Spend a Dime Before Reading These Tips

Before you jump into modifying your Mustang's suspension, you need to understand what all those parts do, and how they apply to your vehicle. Getting better handling takes more than just bolting in some stiffer shocks. Lowering Lowering a car improves handling by lowering the center of gravity, keeping the body from moving around when taking corners. [...]

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