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The value of a chassis dynamometer

The value of a chassis dynamometerEvery automobile performance enthusiast at some point wants to know how much horsepower his orher hotrod has after investing countless hours and dollars in order to make it unique. The easiest andmost direct method of acquiring that information is by using a chassis dyno. There are engine dyno’sthat measure [...]

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50 Years of Mustangs

History of the Ford MustangWhen the Ford Mustang first appeared not even the engineers of Ford knew that it would still be an industry leader fifty years later. Many concept cars never leave the design studio or if they do get out they must still get past the critics of the annual auto show circuits, but the Ford [...]

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2010 SVT Raptor (Shared from the Archives

(3.5.15 Anderson Ford has a 2010 Pre-Owned Raptor for Sale. Check it out here>>> 2010 Ford Raptor For Sale)Ford makes a quick run for the border! Building a vehicle that is quiet and comfortable when traveling at 60 mph is hardly an impressive feat. These days, it's pretty much par [...]

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SVT Cobra (Shared from the Archives)

SVT COBRAThe Ford Mustang SVT Cobra was a pony car built by Ford Special Vehicle Team in 1980 as a prototype that was successful again and again from 1993 to 2004. It is a car that was produced in limited quantities. It is a high performance version of the Mustang built by Ford, sitting in [...]

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Anderson Ford & Anderson Ford Motorsport Continue the SVT Tradition

The Anderson commitment to SVT and Motorsport:   (Shared from the Archive's)We have one of the largest performance parts centers in the Midwest. From performance exhaust to superchargers, we can handle all your needs. We are the only Ford dealership in the Midwest equipped with an in house, state of the art, fully computerized Dyno Jet [...]

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History of Ford SVT (Special Vehicle Team)

SVT "Special Vehicle Team"SVT was founded in late 1991 when Robert L. Rewey, Group Vice President-Marketing and Sales, Ford Automotive Operations, and Neil Ressler, Vice President of Research & Vehicle Technology and Chief Technical Officer, saw the need for the company to investigate niche vehicle market opportunities. The 1992 Chicago Auto Show featured the official [...]

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Welcome to Anderson Ford Motorsport's New Blog

Visit us often or just follow us to see our interesting posts, products, history articles etc. If ever you have a question about a post or anything you see on our website please let us know. Welcome AboardThe Anderson Ford Motorsport Team

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