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Setting Up the Front Suspension on Fox and SN-95 Mustangs

The Fox and SN95 Mustangs are a great platform for making big power, but what about handling? The components used in the MacPherson strut suspension on the front of the car aren’t up to modern standards, but the basic design lends itself to modification, allowing for massive improvements in handling with a few performance parts.Camber Caster PlatesThe Fox body [...]

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​Shocks, Springs and More: Fox Body and SN95 Suspensions

The Fox body and the SN95 that followed it are great platforms for building a fast car, but their stock suspensions leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, thanks to years of experimentation and development by parts manufacturers and racers, it’s easy to set up your Mustang to handle on the track and put down power at the drag [...]

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Building a Valvetrain for Your 5.0

Bolt-on parts like bigger throttle bodies and higher flowing exhaust components can increase power, but at some point, they’re held back by the limits of your 5.0’s valvetrain. With the right upgrades, you can get more air and fuel into the engine and push exhaust gases out faster, reaping huge improvements in power. How the Mustang 5.0’s Valvetrain Works The valvetrain [...]

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​Short Shifters for Your Ford Mustang

On the street, at the track and especially at the drag strip, shifting accuracy and speed can make a huge difference when you’re trying to get the most out of your Mustang’s engine. Switching to a short throw shifter can help by reducing the distance needed to change gears while increasing feel. While most transmission work can be daunting, [...]

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​Supercharging vs. Turbocharging

Forced induction can get some serious power out of your Mustang’s engine, but there are two ways to get more air into the combustion chambers: supercharging and turbocharging. What should you consider when choosing these power adders for your build?How Forced Induction WorksNaturally aspirated engines use the pressure difference between the inside of the cylinder and the outside to draw [...]

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​Understanding Ignition Systems

For an internal combustion engine to work, it needs fuel, air and spark. Fuel and air get the most attention with cams, injectors, pumps and forced induction, but if your Mustang’s ignition system can’t keep up, you can’t get the most out of your engine. How do the components of this system work, and how can modifying them help [...]

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​Gauge Upgrades for Your Ford Mustang

It's often the last 10% of a build that's the hardest: once you've got everything together, you need to be able to test and tune your Mustang to get the best performance. The right gauges can help by letting you monitor engine parameters that are outside the scope of the stock gauges and can even help you keep your eyes [...]

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​Drivetrain Upgrades

Drivetrain Upgrades Your Mustang's engine can be making more power than a top fuel dragster, but it won't do any good if you can't transfer that power to the transmission. By making the right upgrades to the clutch, flywheel and surrounding parts, you can get reliable launches while keeping drivability impact to a minimum. How a Clutch Works A clutch shares a [...]

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​Fuel Delivery Upgrades

Increasing engine power requires pumping more air and fuel into the engine. Whether you're getting that air into the motor by increasing displacement, using a different cam or adding forced induction, you need a fuel system that can keep up. Fuel Tanks Hard driving, whether going around corners or launching at the drag strip, can cause fuel to move away from [...]

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Cooling Upgrades

Cooling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when building a high-performance car, but when you start getting more power out of your Mustang's engine, it doesn't take much to overload the stock cooling system. Here's what you should look for when deciding what changes to make to protect your car from overheating.How Your Mustang's Cooling System [...]

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