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​Stylistic Class: Modifying Your Mid-90's Mustang GT


History has cemented the legacy of the Ford Mustang as the world’s top pony car. Hearing the roar of a Stang is one thing, but seeing its handsome façade on the road is another. Its muscular style and undeniable class define its reputation as a pony car. Wherever you go, a Mustang stands out in a row of vehicles. The fourth-generation Mustang characterizes both style and class.

Performance Parts for Your 94-95 Mustang GT

The 94-95 Mustang GT took it even further. Its performance was on another level with even better handling through its V8 engine, stiffer suspension, dual exhausts, and 16-inch wheels. The engine’s total output reached 215 horsepower at 4200 rpm and 285 lb. ft. of torque at 3500 rpm. This combined power with style and class, well-accorded by the recognition of being the Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Why not get started on upgrading your Mustang GT today? Modifying your 90s Stang can only boost its appeal and performance on the road. We supply a variety of parts for your 1994 and 1995 Mustang GT.

A Brief History: The First Major Redesign for the Ford Mustang

Designed by Bud Magaldi, the 1994 Mustang showcased the first most evident overhaul in its design. The design, known as “SN-95,” featured an upgraded version of the Fox platform. The convertible, for starters, made a return – this is the definitive sign of luxury in a sleek body. Imagine the wind blowing against your face as you cruise down the boulevard with the top down.

When it comes to its specs, the base Mustang of the 90s featured a 3.8 L OHV V6 engine. The V6 gave the 90s Stang 145 horsepower at 4000 rpm and 215 lb. ft. of torque at 2500 rpm. Along with upgraded parts, the handling and noise of the improved Fox platform were better than previous generations. This complemented the Stang’s new exterior and interior styling; an adornment of contours and sweeping curves.

We’re the premier supplier of all Mustang parts, for both aesthetics and performance, in Illinois. Feel free to look around our inventory for the parts that will add more flair to your Stang. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information or assistance.

Setting Up an 8.8 Axle

The Ford 9 inch is legendary for its strength, but using this rear end can be expensive and is overkill for most builds. Fortunately, your Fox body probably came with an axle that can handle serious power with the right modifications: the 8.8. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of [...]

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​Getting Your Fox Body to Perform Better

Fox bodies benefit from the polyurethane bushings, shorter springs, and stiffer shocks that are used for every other performance build, but this platform also has some quirks that need to be dealt with. With the right modifications, your Mustang won't just handle better, it will be able to clock faster times at the drag strip. Subframe [...]

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​Carburetor or Fuel Injection?

Most diehard carburetor aficionados have gradually switched to EFI, but there are still plenty of modern builds using this old school fuel technology. Fox bodies are a natural candidate for this conversion since the 5.0 used carburetors during its first few years of production. Why would you want to use a carburetor, and when should you stick with EFI? Why [...]

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Symptoms of a Failing Carburetor

At Anderson Ford Motorsport, we know carburetors. Their importance is understated in ‘average Joe’ driving situations, but when it comes to high-speed racing, their value in added performance increases tenfold.Today’s more modern car models don’t always have carburetors, except in the motorsport scene. The carburetor’s primary job is to blend fuel and air — two of the most critical [...]

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Powered Up Ecoboost Mustang

As you may well already know, Ford Performance has released their Ecoboost Power Pack for 2015 and up 2.3 liter Ecoboost Mustangs.  Power Pack part number M-9603-M4 is complete with a version of the OEM Shelby GT350 cold air intake as well as a Pro-Cal 3 calibration interface and a calibration voucher.  Well, we decided [...]

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Upgrade Your Ford Mustang: Get Improved Acceleration and Better Performance

The Mustang is a great platform for straight line performance, but how exactly do you get that performance? Let's look at the basics, from getting more out of the engine to making sure that power can reach the pavement. These Ford Mustang performance parts can really take your car to the next level. Air and Oxygen Your [...]

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A Complete Guide on How to Restore Your Ford Mustang

You just bought a well-used Mustang and you want to make it fast, but you also want to drive it as soon as possible. How do you do both? Approach your build like it's a restoration, working your way from critical issues to cosmetic ones while improving performance at the same time. Rubber and FluidsNothing on [...]

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7 Signs Your Ford Mustang Needs Suspension Work

Fixing up an old Mustang is half restoration and half hot rodding. When it comes to suspension, it can be hard to tell which approach is best when addressing problems. Sometimes parts are worn out, and sometimes they're in good shape but just aren't up to the task of controlling the car. Here are 7 [...]

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86-93 Mustang (GT/LX/Cobra) Kits

Mustangs are popular tuner cars because they're inexpensive and companies like us have been developing parts to get more performance out of them for decades. The variety of options means you can turn a Fox body into anything you want, but trying to find the right combination can be a major headache. Here at Anderson [...]

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