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Powered Up Ecoboost Mustang


As you may well already know, Ford Performance has released their Ecoboost Power Pack for 2015 and up 2.3 liter Ecoboost Mustangs.  Power Pack part number M-9603-M4 is complete with a version of the OEM Shelby GT350 cold air intake as well as a Pro-Cal 3 calibration interface and a calibration voucher.  Well, we decided we had to have one for our shop 2.3EB!

One of the really great things to point out about the Ford Performance Power Pack #M-9603-M4 is the allowance for retention of a limited powertrain warranty through Ford Performance when installed by a participating Ford dealer.  This is great news considering that there are so many modifications that are not "warranty friendly", especially when re-flashing

the PCM is part of the mod.  Out of the box, it's pretty obvious as to how Ford Performance does this.  The cold air system appears to be straight off of the Shelby GT350 = OEM Quality!  Of course, the calibration is "Ford" Performance, duh...

Installation is pretty straight forward, so, we have no intention of boring you with the details.  However, once the calibration was loaded and installation was complete, it was obvious that our shop 2.3EB was no longer stock as Ford Motor Company provide it.  Throttle response and torque right off the bottom were noticably enhanced.  Down the road we go, 1st-2nd-3rd, this truly feels like a different car.  Power is obviously increased and delivery feels smooth and potent.  The "seat-of-the-pants" meter is getting a workout, that's for sure.  But wait, there's more!  After running a couple of tanks of 92/93 octane premium pump fuel through the 2.3EB (the Power Pack calibration requires a minimum of 91 octane), we even noticed a fuel economy increase of almost 2 MPG average!  It is important to note, however, that Ford Performance does not lay claim to any increase in MPG, but, we thought it to be a very nice addition to our results.

Stay tuned!  We'll have numbers from our Dynojet dyno soon.

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