Bolt-Ons: More Performance with Less Labor

Bolt-Ons: More Performance with Less Labor

The Mustang is a fun, affordable car from the factory, but it’s the car’s modding flexibility that has made it a favorite of enthusiasts across the performance spectrum from drag racers to drifters. While some amazing things can be built from this platform, most of us are limited by our tools, space, skills and budget. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out if you can’t swap an engine or build your own rear end: there are plenty of ways you can get more performance out of your Mustang without needing a shop full of equipment and a staff of professional mechanics.

Cold Air Intake

Bigger filters and denser, cooler air help your engine breath, especially at high RPM. We have intake kits from BBK, AIRAID, Roush and our own in-house developed Power Pipes. Add an oil catch can, and you can capture gunk rising up from the PCV system, keeping your intake clean and free flowing.


While a cold air intake helps air get into the engine, a freer flowing exhaust helps spent gases get out with the side benefit of improving the sound of your Mustang. Headers can be a pain to install, but fitting a cat back system is straight forward and leaves the emissions system intact.

Ignition System

If you just got your Mustang, a tune-up is probably first on your list of things to do to make it road worthy. While you’re at it, you might as well upgrade a few components. From thicker spark plug cables to beefier distributor caps and coils, installing these parts takes no more effort than replacing their stock counterparts.

EFI Tuning

From minor modifications to major changes like forced induction and new heads, an EFI tuner can help you get the most from your engine. EFI Systems' PMS lets you see measurements on its built-in display and make modifications immediately, while SCT’s programmers let you flash new programming into the ECU using a custom program or one of their presets.

Sound too technical? Tools like JMS’s BoostMAX and PedalMAX improve performance on stock and modified Mustangs with minimal hands-on tuning. These are a must have for Ecoboost engines thanks to the dramatic improvements to drivability and throttle response these tools can provide.


You might not be ready to put in a new K-member and a set of tubular A-arms, but there are plenty of ways you can improve your car’s handling and launches with a few tools and an alignment. Along with high performance adjustable shocks and shorter springs, a set of caster/camber plates can be used to dial in the suspension, even if you’ve lowered it significantly.

Have a 2005-2014 GT? Ford Racing’s Assembled Handling Pack has everything you need to drop your car one inch and improve its handling while still maintaining factory ride quality. It even comes with complete struts, so you don’t have to mess with a spring compressor.

Short Throw Shifter

Replacing the stock shifter on your manual transmission can remove the slop from the lever and shorten the distance between gears, letting you shift faster and more accurately. Better still, installation is easy. In some models, the entire shift mechanism can be reached from inside the cabin, so you don’t even need to put your car on jack stands.

Limited Slip Clutches

Are the clutches in your Traction-Lok rear end worn out? Upgrading to carbon fiber clutches will help the differential lock the axles for better launches.

Nitrous Oxide

A nitrous oxide injection system increases the oxygen inside your engine, allowing it to burn more fuel and make more power. This power may only be available in short bursts, but when it’s in use, it offers the same improvements you’d expect from a supercharger or turbocharger without the complicated installation.

Power Packages

Anderson Ford Motorsport has been testing Mustang performance parts for over three decades, so we know what works. To make installation easier, we’ve put together power packages that have everything you need to get more power from your car whether you’re aiming for a naturally-aspirated or forced induction build. Our Quick Kits are designed for easy installation with proven results.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you want to make some minor improvements or go for a full custom build, you can get everything you need at Anderson Ford Motorsport. We don’t just sell parts, we’ve been testing Mustang modifications and helping our customers built race-winning machines for over three decades, so we know what works.

9th Feb 2018 Anderson Ford Motorsport

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