Bringing the Fox Body Mustang into the 21st Century with Holley Terminator X

Bringing the Fox Body Mustang into the 21st Century with Holley Terminator X

Anderson Ford Motorsport has been in the Fox Mustang performance industry since 1989. One of the biggest tasks was how to take the factory EEC computer in a fuel injected Fox Mustang and be able to heavily modify the performance while maintaining good street manners. Anderson introduced the PMS (Programmable engine management system) which gave enthusiasts a way to tune there vehicle beyond what the factory parameters would allow. That system, though now obsolete, was a great product for its time. Around that time more and more products were coming to market to allow the ability to tune your Fox Mustang, even standalone ECU's were starting to come around. Even though the market experienced a good amount of piggy-back and standalone ECU's into the market, the same kind of issues still existed. Things like user friendliness, support, software understanding etc...

Though many of the same products still exists to this day, Holley Performance brought there popular and user friendly system the Terminator X to the Small Block Ford world and not only that, they introduced a kit specifically for Fox Body Mustangs. Timing for this kit couldn't have been better as the renaissance for Fox Mustangs has exploded over the last couple of years and now demand for this system is at an all-time high. So much so that Holley has experienced a large amount of back orders.

Anderson Ford Motorsport was looking to fill a need for tuning Fox Body Mustangs since the PMS system was no longer available for parts or support. AFM started looking into other products like the Megasquirt and Microsquirt standalone ECU kits. Once AFM was able to get our hands on the new Holley Terminator X installation and testing began. After a few late nights of installation testing and software research the first Fox Mustang AFM tested was up and running. The day after the first start the car was already on the dyno and after 3 pulls the car was dialed in ready for the street.

A few key takeaways that made this kit Anderson Ford Motorsports sole proprietary system for Fox Body Mustangs. Number 1: Closed loop and idle control operation. We were extremely impressed with the idle quality parameters within the system to allow almost any setup to be able to idle without surging or excessive tuning needed. Number 2: Wideband. Having a system that uses wideband O2's to adjust for proper fueling and a reliable sensor like the Bosch 4.9 which is standard on current OE Ford vehicles makes tuning on the fly so much easier. You can dial in your car without having to have the vehicle strapped to the dyno. Number 3: User friendliness. The installation is about 90% plug and play with a few loose wires that need installed. You can retain all functionality with the factory gauges. Setting up with the included handheld is very simple to use and instructions are very simple to follow. Number 4: Tuning. Tuning can be done via the included handheld with a good amount of ability to change parameters that more closely meet the needs of the users vehicle and the software. The software is very simple to use, especially for the first time user. Holley also documents very well what each parameters means so that way there is no guess work involved.

All this boils down to what props Holley deserves for bringing the Fox Body Mustang into the 21st century. The kit includes a brand new engine wiring harness. This alone is a huge feat as the last Fox Body produced was in 1993 and electrical gremlins can possibly stall progress on your vehicle. Good luck trying to find a brand new OE style harness and if you do find one not have to get a second mortgage to pay for it. Not only that, factory EEC's are getting harder and harder to come by that aren't already bad when you get them and not cost an arm and a leg. If you want to bring your Fox Body into the 21st century with modern tuning technology then the Terminator X is the kit for you.

22nd Oct 2021 Anderson Ford Motorsport

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