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Anderson Fox Body EFI Main Harness for Holley HP, Dominator, Terminator X and X Max

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  • Anderson Fox Body EFI Main Harness for Holley HP, Dominator, Terminator X and X Max
  • Anderson Fox Body EFI Main Harness for Holley HP, Dominator, Terminator X and X Max
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A TRUE plug and play EFI main harness for your Fox Body Mustang and Holley EFI. This harness is used in the Anderson Gen. 2 Terminator X and HP complete kits.

This main harness has all the necessary connectors and loose wire connections to connect your Holley HP, Dominator, Terminator X or X Max ecu system into your Fox Body Mustang. The harness length is the same to utilize the passenger side under seat bracket found in the original HLY-550-937F kits. Additional sensor connections are still included in the harness which includes external oil pressure and fuel pressure terminated connectors. The harness is virtually identical to the Holley 558-128 version of the main harness. This allows to connect your Holley ignition harness, injector harness, USB or Handheld, inputs/outputs and all other original Holley EFI equipment with no other changes.

The key differences!

Our new Anderson main harness has the OEM Ford connectors for the MAT, CTS, TPS and IAC motor. This makes installation extremely simple and requires no sensor change or splicing of the wiring to function.







The idle air motor (IAC) receives voltage from the injector power supply instead of straight from the main power supply which allows less "noise", lower frequency and more "stable" idle air control.


What changes are required when running this harness versus a standard Holley kit?

Since you are no longer using Holley or GM MAT and CTS sensors you will need to change the sensors being used in your software or handheld (through SD card from update in software). Both of these sensors must read "Ford Modular". Failure to change these sensors in the software will result in improper coolant and air temp scaling and will lead to improper fueling by the system.


This is the main EFI harness only!

All harnesses are tested for function before shipment.

This is NOT a Holley product, no warranty from Holley is given. If you experience issues with your harness please call customer service.

Holley EFI Products are for Off-Road Use Only, this main harness is not CARB certified and considered a Race or Off-Road product.



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