Competition Clutch Stage 1 2200 Brass Plus Performance Clutch Kit 10-1/2". Fits 79-04 Mustang, 26-spline

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The CCI 2200 Brass Plus performance Mustang clutch kit is designed for the moderate enthusiast for those who require a unit superior to stock replacement. This performance Mustang clutch kit will deliver an estimated 20-40% increase in torque capacity. This performance Mustang clutch kit uses the CCI Brass Plus with Steel Back Facings. We have found through extensive research and development that this material clearly leads the industry in coefficient of friction, burst strength, and heat dissipation. These facings are riveted to an exclusive CCI extreme torque dampened performance disc that incorporates eight heavy duty springs with reinforced retainer rivets. This performance Mustang clutch kit is for use with transmissions with 26-spline input shafts.

Fits: 1979 Mustang,1980 Mustang, 1981 Mustang, 1982 Mustang, 1983 Mustang, 1984 Mustang, 1985 Mustang, 1986 Mustang, 1987 Mustang, 1988 Mustang, 1989 Mustang, 1990 Mustang, 1991 Mustang, 1992 Mustang, 1993 Mustang, 1994 Mustang, 1995 Mustang, 1996 Mustang, 1997 Mustang, 1998 Mustang, 1999 Mustang, 2000 Mustang, 2001 Mustang, 2002 Mustang, 2003 Mustang, 2004 Mustang (when equipped with 10.5" diaphram clutch)

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