While we are doing our best to ensure the fastest shipping and delivery, your order may take longer to arrive due to these delays.

Update 2/23/24

We here at Anderson Ford Motorsport have been diligently communicating with our vendors and dealers to get a realistic forecast for product availability for 2024 just like in 2023. Sadly to say again for the time being any out of stock items will be on a back-ordered status meaning can be possibly over 30 days until fulfillment. This means your will still receive your order if you place an order for an out of stock item, however the delay most likely will be longer than normal. This also pertains to special ordered items or made to order items. The best way to confirm if the timeframes have changed is to give customer service a call (217) 935-2076. Another unfortunate avenue this has taken us to is high price increases for the goods we use for making these items. We do out best to try and absorb many of the minor increases but raw materials like aluminum, steel and rubber have taken the biggest hit increase wise. The good news is we have started working with more manufacturers to help get more inventory for our popular offerings. We expect with these changes that many items will have faster processing times as the year goes on.

AFM Camshafts:

This continues to be effected heavily. Our supplier for camshaft cores is still having issues and they are working hard to keep up with the demand. That being said we still cannot provide accurate lead times for the popular cams we sell. If you do purchase an out of stock cam, please be aware your wait time will be longer than normally anticipated. We do have large quanities on order to replenish our normal stock on these cams. PLEASE NOTE!!!! If you have already placed an order for one of our camshafts you will receive that cam! We have no intention on discontinuing our popular cam offerings even with these current challenges we face.

Anderson-Vortech Supercharger Kits:

Anderson-Vortech Supercharger kits are delayed 6-8 weeks for delivery. You may still place an order for a kit which will guarantee your place in line to receive a kit. Depending on options selected the delay could be longer. Note! Polished kits are taking the longest at 6-10 weeks for shipment.

Certain Power Pipes:

Due to the increased demand and heavy work loads by our local fabricator some of our Power Pipes are delayed for production. We are now working with additional companies to help take on this work load and hope to resolve the long turn around times for these hand made items. Right now we cannot provide accurate lead times for any out of stock Power Pipes but we expect this to get resolved throughout the year.

Made to Order Items:

Made to order items (ex. Bassani exhaust systems, ProM Meters, etc...) may also experience additional delays added to the normal made to order lead time. Give customer service a call to confirm updated timeframes. Please note our cancellation on special order items in our terms and conditions. Many of these items are pre-pay so we can hold the order in line.

Drop Ship from Manufacturers:

We have strong relationships with all of the vendors and manufacturers that we do business with. Many of these vendors have been heavily impacted in regards to keeping sufficient amount of materials for inventory especially on popular items. We allow you to place an order for items that are drop shipped from the manufacturer but that product may be out of stock, this guarantees you a place in line to receive the product. Please call to confirm availability and lead times.

We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please be patient with us as we continue to try and fulfill your orders as timely as possible. Thank you for your continued business and support during these times.

-Anderson Ford Motorsport