Installation and Dynojet Facility

Why have Anderson Ford install your Performance Parts?

Can any Ford Dealership install parts?  
                Sure, they probably can. 

Anderson Ford’s difference… We’ve been involved in the performance business installing products since 1989.

We have installed many Superchargers, Cams, Exhaust Systems, etc... and Anderson Ford is among the top Installation Centers in the United States.

But what truly makes us different and stand out among the rest… is that by all our years of knowledge and experience we really know what to do.  We are one
of only a handful of Ford dealers who have an in-house dyno.  We dyno your vehicle both before and after installation.  We measure the fuel curve as well as
horsepower, we then install the supercharger and then re-dyno.   It’s like the software you install on your computer, sometimes you install it and it doesn’t give
you exactly what you want.  Well this is the same thought… that’s why we dyno again after installation, this way we can make any tweaks as needed.

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If you wish to drop off your vehicle for installation and tuning we offer complimentary loaner vehicles. Call us for more details.