18457BL Performance Distributors Hot Forged DUI Distributor, 1986-1993 5.0

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The 5.0 Hot Forged Distributor is the replacement you need to provide your EFI Ford with reliable performance and show quality looks! This brand new distributor encompasses the toughness and durability that the Ford engines demand. Hot forging provides a denser, stronger and more durable distributor compared to cast aluminum and billet distributors. Each unit is tested for thermal shock and RPM accuracy between 8000 and 10,000 rpm’s. The Hot Forged distributor is machined using computerized CNC mills and lathes to create exact tolerances. Includes the high dwell Dyna-Module for increased spark duration which provides better throttle response and more low end power. The 5.0 version comes with a steel gear installed for compatible roller camshafts.
The Hot Forged distributor includes the brass terminal cap and rotor.

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