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AFM Terminator X Fox Body Base Tune (86-93 Mustang)

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Anderson base tune file for AFM-Holley Terminator X equipped Fox Body Mustangs.

(Please read all the details below)

Base tunes are for pump gas 91 or 93 octane only

Fee is $80 per tune file

After purchase fill out your tune order form link below:


The Holley Terminator X system is an excellent standalone ECU upgrade to control your Fox Body Mustang. Most of the fine tuning can be done on your own or in a controlled environment with a dyno. However, like any new system the startup and base calibration may not be suitable for your vehicle. It may hardly run or run very poorly. There are actually a few things the owner must do in the software versus the included handheld.

Here is what you are getting with an Anderson Base Tune file for the Fox Body Terminator X ECU: Appropriate Sensors for your specific application, fresh timing map more closely related to your combination (conservative for boosted applications), a better target air/fuel map, adjusted startup settings, and correct pin map settings for Ford.

*We highly recommend some basic - midlevel computer knowledge or contact a remote tuning service to assist if you are uncomfortable navigating through the software.

Please read and understand the following:

PLEASE READ YOUR TUNE FILE EMAIL IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!! This email will contain basic instructions on setting up.

There will still be a few steps that the end user MUST do before driving on the included tune. You will still need to verify your timing under static timing. You will also still need to do a TPS autoset (usually prompted when powering on the ECU and loading the tune file) You will want to confirm the IAC percentage once vehicle is warmed up and adjust the throttle blade if necessary (perform TPS autoset if you change or adjust throttle blade)

REMEMBER!!!!! This is a base tune file only and can be adjusted by the end user or tuner. We do NOT send revisions nor do we provide e-mail tuning assistance or remote tuning assistance at this time. This should be performed in person at a performance shop, dyno facility or remote tuning service.

The tune files sent are created using V2 or V3 Terminator X software. Please confirm which firmware on the ECU you are using (in the form). V2 users will need to have build 80 firmware updated in the system. - As of early 2024 Holley has been sending out ECU's that have V3 build 110 already on them. You can confirm this on the box of your ecu. 

Software Downloads

* Price is per tune file

* Base files are for using 91 or 93 Octane fuel only! (For specialties fuels or E85 contact a dyno tuning facility for proper tuning)

* Tune file will be based on using AFM Fox Body Kits using TFI style distributor and SBF engines (we are not tuning with other ignition types)

* Tune files are based around 1986-1993 Fox Body Mustangs

* File will be setup for Ford Idle Air Control Motor (PWM)

* Sensors will be set to Holley (Unless Gen. 2 AFM kit is used) and if using Forced Induction MAP will be set to Holley 3 BAR.

* We will only use fuel injectors that have available injector data. (Can view in the tune form)

* The form must be filled out as accurately as possible, AFM will not redo the file if incorrect info was sent from the user.

* Files are completed in 1-2 business days

* No refunds on tune files, no exceptions


For remote tuning or revision sessions we recommend Pinetop Tuning as an option. You can visit HERE for more information.


 Liability Disclaimer:

By purchasing this tune file the end user has read and understands the following: The end user is responsible to complete vehicle tuning. AFM is not responsible for any damage or issues with the vehicle. It is highly recommended to have a professional performance shop complete tuning in a controlled dyno environment. We only provide base tunes using premium 91 or 93 octane fuels. For specialty fuels like race gas or E85 it is highly recommended to contact a Performance Dyno Tuning Facility. Failure to do so may result in possible engine damage or poor performance. AFM is not liable for any issues the end user may experience after tuning there own vehicle or using the purchased base calibration on there vehicle. The provided tune file from AFM is meant to provide a solid/better baseline and not a final tune for the end users vehicle. Tuning through the Holley Terminator X is meant for off-road and track use only! Holley tuning is not emissions compliant and does not have an EO CARB # and is for OFF ROAD use only. The end user is responsible to follow all laws and regulations in there area.


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10 Reviews

  • 5
    AFM Terminator X Foxbody base tune.

    Posted by John McMichen on 10th May 2023

    Exactly what I needed. Perfect starting platform for someone like me who is new to tuning.

  • 5
    Base Tune

    Posted by Matt Williams on 1st May 2023

    Perfect base tune as the one Holley provides is garbage. Paired with the Mfkustoms harness adaptor this makes initial start up and tuning a breeze! Thanks guys!

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by Jeffrey Leitch on 29th Mar 2023

    Extremely fast with the email, last min on a Friday to be exact. And worked like a charm. Car never started or ran this good since I installed my system, clearly I’m still working on my tuning skills! But this was a ton of help. Greatly appreciate these guys.

  • 5
    Base tune file

    Posted by Chuck on 26th Aug 2022

    Anderson base tune file help me with a better base file for my foxbody mustang. The holley terminator x tune for the foxbody is no good.

  • 5
    Terminator x tune

    Posted by Brandon straka on 28th Apr 2022

    I ordered the base tune after spending months trying to tune car myself. I followed the instructions and uploaded the tune and after idling for a few minutes and making adjustments to the throttle body I took the car for a drive. It's a simple 5.0 with e cam and gt45 single turbo. The car drove great and was able to get into boost but not beating on it too hard. I highly recommendbecause this base tune helps take care of start up issues when trying to do it yourself.

  • 5

    Posted by Sebastian Anderson on 19th Dec 2021

    Donny B was a great resource, full rebuild and computer swap, fired right up. Highly recommended to make sure everything is set properly before start up.

  • 5
    Base tune

    Posted by John Heaton on 7th Nov 2021

    Got a tune for my 1989 mustang 347 stroker Procharger with terminator x .I had problems just getting this combo to start but after installing tune the car ran better than it has even with the stock ecm.I just got it dyno and it responds like a different motor!!!I am very happy

  • 5
    Terminator X

    Posted by Steve Mason on 6th Nov 2021

    Great for EFI beginners. With some basic info about my car they provided me a tune that was tailored for my needs. The preloaded tune that comes with the Terminator is a one size fits all base tune. The AFM team was helpful and very friendly.

  • 5
    base tune for terminator x with si blower

    Posted by Karl Morris on 5th Sep 2021

    The tune was great car cranked right up and drove very nice.Donnie b was vey helpful throughout the process definitely recommend

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