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Holley Sniper II EFI System Small Block Ford Kit

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Brand New from Holley EFI comes the Sniper II system. This system is exactly what your carb to EFI conversion needs on your small block Ford. The original Sniper system had RFI interferance especially with Ford distributors and spark plug wires. This created the need for special shielding or converting to LS or GM style ignition systems. The Sniper II system from Holley EFI eliminates the need to make any of these changes. This kit from Anderson Ford Motorsport will work on getting your small block Ford project on its way to EFI in no time! Our kit comes with the Sniper II EFI System (Black standard, polished available, select above), power distribution module and the Hyperspark Ignition System that works will all 302 based small block ford engine systems (351W available, select above). The Hyperspark system comes with a distributor, coil and cdi ignition box with wiring harness. Also it includes a USB tuning cable to be able to dial in your tune through the Sniper software. With these components you will be able to keep the "carb" look for the early Fords.

What is needed for a complete install?

You will need to have an EFI fuel pump and EFI rated fuel system on the vehicle. At minimum we like a 255lph pump in the tank.

Sniper II software can be downloaded HERE


Features of the Sniper II EFI System:

  • All new design – the #1 EFI Conversion just got better!
  • Only four wiring connections required: Battery+, Battery-, Switched Ignition, and RPM
  • Calibration wizard only requires that you answer a few simple questions about your engine to create a base map and begin self-tuning – No laptop required
  • Supports up to 650hp naturally aspirated or 575hp on boost with four 100 lb/hr injectors
  • (NEW) Next generation ECU features improved RF noise and interference resistance (stands up to old car wiring, noisy alternators, faulty plug wires)
  • (NEW) Redesigned throttle shaft and plate geometry for a smoother throttle feel
  • Sniper 2 is Part of the Sniper EFI Complete Ecosystem
  • Sniper 2 is compatible with the complete Sniper EFI Ecosystem that includes plug-n-play Hyperspark Ignition systems (coil, ignition box and distributor), fuel systems (fuel lines, fuel pump hangers), multiple displays and more
  • (NEW) Main harness includes plug-and-play HyperSpark distributor support, for integrated timing control, making your ignition setup hassle free
  • (NEW) Adaptors for other ignition types sold separately: 558-329 CD Box to Sniper 2, 558-330 MSD Pro Billet / Crank Trigger to Sniper 2
  • (NEW) Wide Variety of tuning and gauge display interfaces: from a 3.5-inch full color LCD Handheld, 5-inch Digital Dash, or the Bluetooth dongle, which allows you to connect either an iOS or Android based cell phone to your Sniper 2
  • (NEW) Optional Power Distribution Module (PDM) further simplifies wiring, especially when used in conjunction with an ignition system
  • Available with fuel system kits: a complete fuel system consisting of: 20 ft. of 3/8 in. Vapor Guard Fuel Hose, Fuel Pump, fuel pressure regulator, filters, necessary hardware, and bulkhead fitting to return fuel into the tank
  • Additional Features
  • (NEW) Integrated transmission kick down provisions for GM TH350/400, 200-4R/700R4 and Ford C4/C6 applications
  • (NEW) “Hidden Harness” wiring harnesses exits from the rear of throttle body for a clean appearance
  • (NEW) Inputs and outputs consist of: 2x Ground Inputs, 2x Ground Outputs, 1x TPS output (0-5v), and 1x Tach Output
  • (NEW) Redesigned injector connector for improved reliability
  • (NEW) Onboard contactless magnetic TPS sensor ensures an accurate TPS reading
  • (NEW) Next Generation mil-spec style M8 positive lock connector for CAN1 and CAN2 provides the latest in CAN bus technology for a simple yet robust connection
  • (NEW) Cast-in fuel crossover from the primary to secondary fuel rail
  • (NEW) Sniper 2 throttle bodies are serialized in house, which provides each unit a birth certificate for an improved customer service and warranty experience in the event of any unit needing to be inspected
  • The included genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen Sensor provides real-time fuel map learning
  • Included clamp-on oxygen sensor kit ensures a leak free oxygen sensor installation with stainless steel T-Bolt clamps and a stainless steel weldable oxygen sensor flange

Features of the Hyperspark 565-301/302 Ignition Systems:

  • Plug and Play Sniper EFI Main Harness replaces the standard Sniper EFI harness with four loose leads, Battery Positive, Battery Ground, Switched 12v, and Fuel Pump Power, for a simple and streamline installation
  • Designed for existing or new Sniper EFI installations. The HyperSpark Master Kit harness retains the same flying lead wire colors as the Sniper EFI main harness. New installations will not use the Sniper EFI standard harness or coil driver
  • Complete Ignition system in a box, including: HyperSpark Ignition Box, HyperSpark Ignition Coil, HyperSpark Distributor (for your application), and a plug and play main harness
  • HyperSpark Distributors feature a Hall Effect crank trigger sensor providing a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU
  • Patented Clear Installation cap eliminates any confusion while installing the distributor
  • HyperSpark CD Ignition box is seal and powder coated to be installed in the harshest of locations
  • External LED on Hyperspark CD Ignition box helps verify 12v, cranking RPM, and low battery voltage
  • 135mJ of spark energy when used with the HyperSpark Ignition coil, ensures complete combustion
  • Integrated ignition coil bracket simplifies mounting the Ignition coil
  • Ignition coil connector removes any doubt of loose connections at the Ignition coil
  • Enables timing control on a Sniper EFI Installation
  • Has cast iron gear installed, check with camshaft manufacturer if different gear needed.
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