Pro-M Mass Air Flow Meter 80MM 24lb Injectors. Fits 96-98 Mustang GT

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Pro-M 80mm Mass Air Flow Meter for 24lb injectors for 96-98 4.6 GT Mustang

The Pro-M 80 is our flagship mass air meter. It is by far the most popular mass air meter ever offered. It out flows larger diameter meters by a long shot, due to its bell mouth design, and because the sampling element does not protrude into the opening.

The patented 360 sampling design of the Pro-M 80 makes this meter the finest in the industry. No other meter provides a signal as clean as that of the Pro-M 80. It is, by far, the most accurate meter on the market. Don't settle for the copy produced by the other guys! It does not have 360 degree sampling. The Pro-M 80's 360 degree sampling allows it to "average" the air flowing through meter, resulting in a more accurate reading than any other meter available.

The Pro-M 80 is a universal high flow design available in any calibration you choose. It is capable of supporting 800 flywheel HP. A high flow conical air filter is included (Pro-M 80MM Filter). Every Pro-M mass air meter plugs into your vehicle's harness connector without modification.

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