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5671522 Hurst Roll/Control, Line/Loc Kit - Late Ford Fox Body Mustang

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  • 5671522 Hurst Roll/Control, Line/Loc Kit - Late Ford Fox Body Mustang
  • 5671522 Hurst Roll/Control, Line/Loc Kit - Late Ford Fox Body Mustang
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The Hurst® Roll/Control®, Line/Loc® kit for your 87-93 Ford Mustang (w/out ABS) is primarily used in drag racing to lock the front wheels allowing for more consistent burnouts when heating up the tires to make a pass. This kit comes with all the necessary parts needed to easily install a Hurst Line/Loc system on your vehicle. Includes a stainless steel Roll/Control valve, brake line, fittings, lighted momentary switch, bracket, wiring, and much more. Rigorous testing has proved a 1/100,000 of a second release time and vibration tests have seen up to 30 G's applied without mechanical failure. The advanced quality design utilizes a stainless steel valve assembly for ultimate corrosion resistance. Other features include a fully enclosed epoxy-molded electrical coil for reliability, an attractive finned aluminum housing that helps dissipate heat, and a wider lightweight base that provides better mounting stability and 150-micron screen-filtered ports to prevent contamination. The Roll/Control Kit is field serviceable for cleaning or rebuilding and comes with an extra threaded port for a separate bleeder or brake line pressure gauge. The kit also includes a snap-action switch, indicator light, 4-amp fuse, mounting screws, and installation instructions. Note: Not recommended for use as a parking brake, or for longer than 60 seconds maximum at any one time.


  • Extra Threaded Port for Separate Bleeder or Brake Line Pressure Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Valve Assembly for Ultimate Corrosion Resistance
  • 150 Micron Screen Filtered Ports help Prevent Contamination
  • Can be Used to Hold Brakes for Up to 60 Seconds Maximum
  • Attractive Finned Aluminum Housing Helps Dissipate Heat
  • Field Servicable for Cleaning or Rebuilding
  • Fully Enclosed, Epoxy-Molded Coil
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