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Anderson Hi-Rev Clutch Kit 86-95/96-97 5.0L/4.6L V8 10 Spline

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  • Anderson Hi-Rev Clutch Kit 86-95/96-97 5.0L/4.6L V8 10 Spline
  • Anderson Hi-Rev Clutch Kit 86-95/96-97 5.0L/4.6L V8 10 Spline
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AFM has partnered with ProMotion Powertrain to offer some high performance single disk clutches to use in popular street/strip 5.0L/4.6L applications. The “Hi-Rev” name comes from the capability to take these to 8000 rpm without the worry of lockout or slipping. Not only that but they can handle anywhere from your standard 400 horsepower naturally aspirated combos up to 650 horsepower forced induction combos with ease. Not to mention, the pedal effort is only moderately higher than the stock feel with a new clutch cable or hydraulic conversion assembly. Simply put this is a fantastic performer for a single disk clutch with these features.

This 10 spline kit can handle up to 550 horsepower. We recommend/suggest for completely stock T5's not to exceed 480-500 horsepower. Just remember stock T5 and T45 transmissions will be on borrowed time unless built at that horsepower level.

The key is the technology used in the clutch disk. The proper measurements on the marcel spring along with the proper materials being used is what makes this kit stand out. We have personally tested these clutches on both the street and the track throughout the years and for the simplicity, the price and quality you are definitely getting a high value.

Each kit comes with a clutch disk, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool.

Clutch disk is a Kustom dual friction design giving the ability for easy street driving and the ability to handle high horsepower and torque levels.

Clutch diameter 10.5” for 86-95 5.0L/5.8L and 96-97 4.6L

T5 and T45 transmissions

Note* Clutches have NO warranty, please follow proper break in procedure of minimum 500 miles or 15-20 stop and go driving heat cycles. This will allow the best longevity and best performance for your new clutch kit. The more clutch engagements during the break in time the better. We also recommend billet steel flywheels approx. 17.8lbs and 26” tall tires if using for track use. Recommended air gap is 0.035". We do not recommend for burn outs with rear disc brake conversions unless using a linelock system. Have enough rear end gear to avoid "bogging" the engine and putting excessive load on the clutch.

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