Anderson Power Pipe®. Fits 05-09 Mustang with Novi 2200 (Blow-Through)

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Power Pipe® for 05-09 Mustang with Paxton Novi 2200 Kit using air to air intercooler (may require tuning)
**Connection at the supercharger is 4"**

The AF-0134c Power Pipe® is designed for 05-09 Mustang GT equipped with Paxton Novi 2000 or Vortech JT-Trim super chargers with air to air intercooler (utilizing a blow through meter). The Power Pipe® flow an excess of 1300 CFMs, with pulling a cooler intake charge out of a custom 819 cubic inch air box. With this improved air flow and cooler intake charge. We have seen as much as 3lb of boost increase using the AF-0134c Power Pipe.

( note bypass valves fitting on discharge tube side of intercooler must be plugged and
refitted on to inlet tube side of intercooler)

Using the Power Pipe® with DBX85 mass air combination with a smaller pulley AFM
has made 630 rwhp with a Novi 2200 Tested back to back Vortech Intake compared to Anderson AF-0134c Power pipe
WOW 56 Rear Wheel Horse Power and 30 of Torque

Run 14. 2006 Mustang Gt., 5 speed,4.10 r&p, PER 5.0L 9.25 cr engine,comp cams, PER ported heads, DBX mass air meter, 60 lb injectors, GT 500 fuel pumps, Vortech YSI 2.5" pulley,Vortech air/air intercooler,10% overdrive damper, Standard Vortech intake pipe 18 degrees of timing made 22 lb of boost

Run 15. same as Run 14 except Anderson Power Pipe®. Boost  jumped up to 27lb . Timing still at 18 degrees

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