N-71 Camshaft 2700-6700 Range

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N-71 Camshaft.  Requires aftermarket pistons and 1.6 roller rockers.
RPM range 2700-6700

302-331 c.i.d. Best performer for 302 cu. in., 1.6 R.R. & 6700 rpm shift point and 9.7 to 10.5 comp. Great with TFS or Edelbrock heads. Minimum 30lb injectors and 80mm mass air. Recommend 4.10 or 4.30 gears, poor drivability under 2300 rpm, lumpy idle, rpm range 2700-6700, needs 3000-3500 converter. Must use AFM valve springs.Example use of AF-N71 camshaft
5 speed,4.30 gears,PMS,Velocity 95mm,42# injs,331" 10:1cr,Holley Systemax,90mm t/b,Power Pipe, N-71, AFR 185 58cc, 93 oct fuel.

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