N-91 Camshaft 2800-6900 Range

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N91 Camshaft.  Requires aftermarket pistons and 1.6 roller rockers.  RPM range 2800-6900.

347-408 c.i.d. Best performer for 347 cu. in., 1.6 R.R. & 6900 rpm shift point and 10.7 to 11.5 comp. Great with TFS or Edelbrock Victor Jr heads. Minimum 38lb injectors and 80mm mass air. Recommend 4.10 to 4.30 gears, poor drivability under 2300 rpm, lumpy idle, rpm range 2800-6900, needs 3500-4000 converter. Must use AFM valve springs.

Works great on 6900 rpm 10.5 to 11.5 comp. 302-331 c.i.d. with 4.56 gears and 30lb injectors. Must use AFM valve springs.

Example use of AF-N91 camshaft
1989 must, 5 speed, 4.88 gears ,347 c.i. 10.7:1cr,, PMS  AFM N-91, AFM Stg III TFS TW Heads, 90mm t/b, victor 5.0intake ,Power Pipe, 42 lb injectors, fuel lab  fuel system,msd 6a,MAC Long Tubes headers 1.625" dr gas x 93 oct fuel

Example use of AF-N91 camshaft
1992 must 5speed,3.70 gears,348 c.i. 10.5 compresion, Fox Lake ported AFR 205 heads, Anderson N-91 camshaft,Fox Lake ported Holley Systemax II intake 90mm Throttle Body, 42 lb inj, Power Pipe,DBX-97b mass air,PMS, Aeromotive a1000, MSD 6al, 1 7/8 Kooks long tubes,miezere water pump, 93 oct fuel

Example use of AF-N91 camshaft
1988 GT,5 speed,4.30 r&p,DSS 347c.i.,Canfield stg 3 Heads, N-91 camshaft,1.6 R.R. TFS-R lower/vortech box upper,75mm T.B.,AFM Power Pipe,Pro-M 80mm,42# injectors,255LTR &,T-Rex,PMS, 110 octane fuel

Example use of AF-N91 camshaft
1994 GT,5 Speed,3.73 R&P,331c.i., TFS Stg II Heads,N-91,1.6 R.R.,Edelbrock Perf RPM II,255ltr,42lb injectors,,75MM T.B., Pro-M 80MM,AFM Power Pipe,HOOKER Long tubes Headers,Off Road & Cat Back,MSD 6AL & EFI COIL,PMS,MSDsd 6al

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    i bought this cam for a 408 that i have not installed yet

    Posted by k.hughes on 29th Apr 2014

    I bought this cam for a 408 because I have a n-71 cam in a 306 that I absolutely love it makes good power plus has an awesome sound to it

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