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N-22 Camshafts 2400-6200 Range

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Anderson N-22 Two valve Camshaft for PI Heads & OEM stock pistons
RPM range 2400-6200

4.6 Best performance up to 6200 rpm. Nice idle, good driveability down to 1800 rpm, performance range 2400-6200 rpm. Recommend AFM valve spring kit but stock valve springs will work. Works best with 80mm mass air, 70mm throttle body and TFS or Dragon Plenum. Headers and ported P.I. heads are suggested.  Gears 3.55 to 4.30. With automatic transmission needs 2800-3000 converter.

Special Order item: lead time 3-4 weeks

Dyno .022   Anderson 99-04 GT 30 RWHP kit  (BBK 78mm Throttle Body & Plenum combination, Bassani Mid-Lenth headers, Bassani Off Road X-Pipe......(Off Road Only),Bassani After-Cat, Undedrive damper and pulley)
Dyno .055   Installed Anderson N-22 camshaft only No-tunning!


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AFM N-22 Hi-Intensity Cams + Bolt-Ons vs. Stock 4.6 Cams + Flowmasters 


Dyno 004: flowmaster mufflers only
Dyno 030: AFM N-22 camshaft, AFM Power Pipe, Pro-m 80mm M.A.,
Dragon plenum,BBK 75mm T.B.BBK x-pipe with cats, MagnaFlow cat-back, no chip

Example using N-22 camshaft

4.6 00 GT 5 speed,  Stock short block, Anderson N-22 camshaft, Anderson stg III heads, Bassani mid length headers,Bassani aft/cat, Bassani off/road, underdrives pullies, Anderson Power Pipe, Pro-M 80, 70 t.b. jdc elbow syn oil engine & trans

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