N-412 Camshaft 2300-6200 Range

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N-412 Camshaft works with stock OEM pistons with 1.6 roller rockers.  RPM range 2300-6200.

302 c.i.d. This cam is to be used with 1.6 R.R. Great with GT-40, TFS or Edelbrock heads. Minimum 24lb injectors and 75mm mass air. Recommend 3.55 to 4.10 gears. Great drivability down to 1800 rpm, nice idle, rpm range 2300-6200, works best with 89-93 EEC, needs 2500-2700 converter.Example of using N-412 camshaft
DSS 306",AFM N-412 camshaft, AFR 185 heads,70 mm T.B.,30# injectors,Holley Systemax, 76 mm C&L mass air meter ,Flotech shorty headers,off road h-pipe,flowmaster 2 chamber muffler, MSD 6al & blaster coil,1.6 rr,190l itp,,BBK cold air ind,

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